Impact of depression on Sex life

Now, let us have a look at some of the prominent affects that can be noticed in depressed patients in certain situations: –

Couple Dating

  • A depressed person is usually easily withdrawn and he or she doesn’t get easily involved into activities which earlier used to be loved by him/her. One such activity indeed includes sex! Depression in sex life also gives rise to inattentiveness and the partner suffering from depression don’t even realize that his soul mate desires the same amount of attention as they are paying towards them.
  • The depressed partners are not able to raise energy for their regular routine and they feel very dull and tedious all throughout the day. Even when their partners show signs or desires to be loved or pampered, they are not able to recognize it which eventually leads to a misunderstanding between the two partners in a relationship.
  • Hostility or low moods or even frequent mood swings disturbs the intensity of the relationship and also creates a distance between the two partners who were at times deeply in love. The mere negligence depicted by the depressed partner makes the bonding of the relationship fragile and tends to weaken the bond effectively. Impact laid on sex life due to depression is a matter of concern and the illness of depression should be treated carefully with an empathetic attitude.

Noticeable changes in the human body due to depression

  • The symptoms of depression greatly affect all the bodily functions of the body, dislocating the functional aspects and also gradually slowing them down which affects the regular routine of the individual. The most prominent effect is marked in the disturbed sleep patterns of the depressed individual. Adversity is reflected on any aspect of the activities of the individual that are inclusive of energy, mood stability, and spontaneity, good and regulated amount of co ordination and indeed sex.
  • Depressed individuals are most likely to lack an interest in the activity of sex, which diminishes the yearning for sex and also leads to a misinterpretation of the situation between the individuals in love. It is suggested for the no depressed partner to understand the intensity of the situation and help the depressed partner to cope up with the situation as soon as possible. Depression leads to a negative emphasis on sex life but things needs to be improved by expert advices and the support of loved ones.